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Wouter Knigge


Wouter Knigge is Chief Operating Officer at Software Improvement Group, where he is oversees the worldwide delivery of services, customer support and SIG Academy. In this role, he works closely with the company’s Principal Consultants from various markets and knowledge areas to provide clients with direct value, build thought leadership and professionalize people management. 

Wouter joined SIG in 2012 as a Consultant and grew through the ranks to serve in Senior Consultant and Principal Consultant positions before becoming COO. Throughout his time with the company, Wouter has contributed to many consulting teams and sales cycles; worked in various industries; and driven improvements to client engagements as well as internal professionalisation and innovation in HR, Finance, Sales and Delivery.

Wouter began his career in the container shipping industry with an early focus on IT before assuming various sales roles. Seeking experience in the dynamic and innovative IT world, he joined SIG to further build upon his expertise in software development, IT vendor management and team building.

Wouter holds a master’s degree in industrial IT engineering from the University of Twente.

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