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Software Improvement Group enriches its Sigrid platform with AI to make its insights more actionable and accessible

19 June 2024

With Software Improvement Group’s new generative AI-supported feature, “AI Explanations”, Sigrid ® users understand the complexities of their software challenges better and more quickly.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands – 19 June 2024

Software Improvement Group (SIG), a leader in traditional and AI software quality assurance, has launched “AI Explanations” a new AI-supported feature in its Sigrid® platform.

Sigrid, SIG’s leading software excellence platform, helps organizations around the world improve their software portfolios by pinpointing the most critical initiatives they should pursue based on thorough source-code analysis and globally recognized standards. For organizations leveraging AI, Sigrid already helps with comprehensive AI system assurance and improving the quality of both conventionally and AI-generated code.

Sigrid now also leverages the power of generative AI within its own platform, making non-functional insights more actionable and understandable to its users. Sigrid’s AI Explanations are based on a unique knowledge base of invaluable sources on each technology, built up by SIG in nearly 25 years of software consultancy.

“While developers actively engaged in a project often understand the context of findings to enhance a codebase, it can prove to be quite difficult for teams to quickly gain a comprehensive understanding of why a particular finding is problematic or how to go about addressing it.” – Pepijn van de Kamp, Head of Innovation at Software Improvement Group.

Sigrid’s AI Explanations accompany every finding with full traceability to the source code, detailing the issue alongside a proposed resolution with code examples.

“Our commitment to empowering our users with actionable insights led us to enrich the Sigrid Platform with AI-supported features, ensuring that the insights we generate are not only comprehensive but also easily understandable and accessible to a broader audience. Now, multiple stakeholders across the Software Development Lifecycle can quickly clarify the impact and effort required.”– Luc Brandts, CEO Software Improvement Group

The AI explanations feature leverages Generative AI as a solution to ensure each finding is presented with a detailed explanation of the problem and actionable and technology-specific mitigation advice. Sigrid makes use of its own private Large Language Model instance in accordance with SIG’s security and data sovereignty policies, which ensures that no client code leaves our private cloud. Additionally, SIG will never use the data or code of its clients with AI models without prior formal approval.

Screenshot of the Sigrid® showing the new AI Explanations feature. The screen details an “overly permissive CORS policy" issue with a problem description, example, and mitigation advice. It highlights AI-generated explanations for better understanding and resolving software issues, with traceability to the source code. The interface includes options for editing the finding and viewing the code in the Code Explorer.

For more information about the AI Explanations feature you can read Sigrid’s AI Explanations documentation. For more information about Sigrid or Software Improvement Group’s products and services, please visit Software Improvement Group’s website.

About Software Improvement Group

Software Improvement Group (SIG) leads in traditional and AI software quality assurance, empowering businesses and governments worldwide to drive success with reliable and robust IT systems. Sigrid® – its software excellence platform – analyzes the world’s largest benchmark database of over 200 billion lines of code across more than 18,000 systems in 300+ technologies, and intelligently recommends the most crucial initiatives for organizations. SIG complies with multiple ISO/IEC standards, including ISO/IEC 27001 and 17025, and has co-developed ISO/IEC 5338, the new global standard for AI lifecycle management.

SIG was founded in 2000 and has offices in New York, Copenhagen, Brussels, and Frankfurt, and is headquartered in Amsterdam.

Sigrid, together with expert consultants, and nearly 25 years of industry-leading research, position SIG as the foremost authority on software excellence.

For more information, please visit Software Improvement Group’s website or social media channels.