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2023 Year In Review

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2023 was characterized by rapid changes in the IT domain, marked by the emergence of Generative AI, heightened focus on Cybersecurity, and an unprecedented demand for digital trust. This transformative year brought significant insights for both SIG and its customers. We are immensely grateful for your trust and eagerly anticipate embarking on an even more powerful journey together in 2024! Watch our 2023 Year in Review video to discover all the milestones we achieved together!

Unlocked insights of our Benchmark data

Our growing numbers, now reaching a staggering 140 billion lines of code, empower our clients with depth in decision-making. Having evaluated over 15,000 customer software applications, reflecting a remarkable 50% growth, we continue to expand our reach.

The acceleration is evident in our weekly analysis of 900 million lines of code, showcasing an impressive 131% growth. In comparison to 2022, this year has also witnessed a phenomenal 200% increase in the lines of code analyzed.

What does all of the above mean? It means the importance that high-performing technology teams are putting on their software quality, architecture landscape, and being able to have a shared language from C-level to the Developers on what are the risks and which opportunities to tap on.

Unlocked insights of Sigrid

In 2023, Sigrid reached new heights with a series of impactful enhancements:

Other highlights

In 2023, SIG experienced remarkable growth and achievements across various fronts. The number of Due Diligences conducted witnessed an astounding 600% increase in deal growth over the past decade, alongside a noteworthy 500% expansion into new countries.

As a testament to SIG’s industry leadership, our AI expert Rob van der Veer, played a pivotal role as the main author of the new ISO/IEC standard 5338 on AI lifecycle and initiator of the OWASP AI Exchange (based on SIG’s AI framework) to enable the global conversation on AI security.

Further strengthening its partnerships, SIG proudly started the collaboration with Progress Software to modernize and secure Progress ABL/OpenEdge applications. Additionally, the Mendix user base experienced a substantial 35% growth, reflecting SIG’s commitment to advancing and expanding its technological capabilities.

Thank you!

As we reflect on these achievements, we express our sincere gratitude for your trust in Sigrid. We look forward to continuing this journey together, anticipating even greater strides in the year ahead. Thank you for your partnership, and here’s to another year of innovation and collaboration.

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