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Grip on Secure Software Development requirements

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Written by: Rob van der Veer

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As “knowledge partner” to CIP, SIG has been an initiator and a substantial contributor to the “Grip on Secure Software Development” initiative since 2013. Grip on SSD brings together software makers and software businesses in a unique way, allowing them to align on how to co-operate to get secure software: how to set clear requirements, how to keep in contact during development and how to test.

It is my pleasure to announce the release of ‘Grip on Secure Software Development requirements’ version 3. In the last six months I have been working as co-author with many great reviewers: by the community and for the community. We managed to transform the document from a randomly-ordered checklist to a guide for secure software, and for that we brought in the SIG ISO25010 security model, to group requirements with responsibilities.

For more information on the launch, see the webinar (in Dutch), featuring CIP, UWV and SIG:

More information:


Rob van der Veer

Senior Director, Security & Privacy and AI

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