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SIG partners with Code4Thought to help Greece-based organizations step into control over their digital transformation.

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Together, Code4Thought and SIG are helping companies in Greece get a better handle on their digital business transformation.

SIG partners with Code4Thought to analyze and evaluate enterprise software systems, enabling organizations to address IT-related flaws at the root and manage associated risks and costs. Our solutions aim to improve application health in all stages of the software lifecycle – whether you’re building, buying or operating it.

The partnership provides the best of two worlds: leading expertise from SIG on software quality, plus software assurance with a local touch from a leading consultancy in the southern European region.


Sigrid® | Software Assurance Platform

Sigrid enables you to measure, evaluate and monitor your entire software landscape health at every stage of its life cycle – whether you’re buying, building, or operating.

By exposing hidden risks and opportunities in your source code, Sigrid gives you full insights in and recommendations on the performance of your software portfolio, continuously.

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