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SIG Transaction Services

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SIG Transaction Services

Deep visibility to identify IT-related red flags and create value throughout the investment lifecycle.

When you invest in a company, you invest in the software that runs it

Software has become a crucial business differentiator in today’s digital world. Banks, for example, rely on software systems to handle billions of transactions daily; governments continually digitize and automate mission-critical services; and energy companies depend on software-driven sensor telemetry to safely speed up exploration, processing, and distribution.

The quality of the software underlying these operations is just as crucial as its functionality. A quick glance at the day’s headlines demonstrates that the smallest mistake in software code can have disastrous effects on an organizations financial health and reputation. And investors now have an increasing interest in the technologies and software assets they buy into when investing in new companies. When acquiring a company or making a strategic investment in one, you need rigorous, cost-effective IT due diligence to tell you how the company’s software will affect its ability to grow and thrive.

Are you investing in a black box? 

But this examination of the IT architecture and software typically just scratches the surface, including little more than interviews with the target company’s IT leaders, review of documentation, and perhaps a demo of the software. It’s no easy task to get full transparency into software assets – and everything that comes with it, such as the development teams. The result? Investors buy a “black box” of software, only later to find that it can’t support their strategic goals for efficient execution or scalable growth.

Stop investing in a software black box. Now.