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Software Assurance for Artificial Intelligence

In Artificial Intelligence (AI), solid engineering and code quality are difficult to achieve, but essential for success. We have extended our core capabilities to help you with your AI initiatives to design, build and deploy responsible AI and to be truly successful.

Succeed in your Artificial Intelligence initiatives

Too often we witness how inspiring AI initiatives fail due to trust issues, high time pressure, unfamiliar paradigms and typical lack of software engineering best practices. 

We can enable your AI to succeed: 

  • Transition from data science to AI in practice
    Transform an engineering effort into practical application, where quality is essential, by providing insight into the maturity of both software and processes and offer improvement guidance.
  • Gain trust in your AI
    Increase confidence in AI by conducting in-depth assessments of AI software and processes to assure the solution is accurate, robust and supports legal, ethical and regulatory compliance.
  • Understand the economics of AI engineering
    We help manage changeability and testability, or valuate AI solutions through understanding of required effort, cost and involved risk.

As a norm committee member of the Dutch NEN organization, Rob van der Veer (Principal Consultant Security & Privacy at SIG) is also involved in creating AI standards together with ISO. Read more here.

software assurance in artificial intelligence


Insight into complete health of product and processes

We carry out a thorough analysis on both your AI product and software engineering process. To reveal hidden risks within your AI, we assess the complete software health from different perspectives like Maintainability, Security, Privacy, Performance Efficiency and Reliability.

Actionable and independent AI-specific advisory

Our AI experts provide guidance, ranging from code level security improvements to high level strategic technology advice. Independent, impartial and objective. By understanding the main technical impediments, we help to develop a long-term technology roadmap and guide you towards execution while aligning with your business goals.

Continuous transparency of development

Our advisory services are supported by our leading software assurance platform – Sigrid. With Sigrid, developers, architects and other IT stakeholders get centralized access to our findings on your applications to help you stay on top of performance.

Insight in the global market

Based on the analysis of more than 36 billion lines of code in more than 280 technologies, we help you understand your competitive position compared to the global market. We have collected a vast knowledge of best and bad practices in software engineering, specifically in machine learning, optimization and other data-intensive applications.


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