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Sigrid® | All-in-One Platform for Software Architecture

Cut long discussions on system architecture. Showcase the As-Is architecture of your IT landscape in a structured, comprehensive overview where the ROI of modernization efforts is clear to everybody.

Improve communication about architecture among stakeholders

Discussing software and system architecture amongst different stakeholders can take a significant amount of time, especially for large projects in which multiple teams work on several interconnected subcomponents. Sigrid shows you the actual architecture of your software landscape, by combining information from multiple sources and presenting it in a structured, comprehensive overview.

Key benefits of
Sigrid® for System Architecture

See the As-Is status of your system architecture

Align architecture choices to business goals and showcase ROI

Support your modernization roadmap

Identify risks in your technical architecture

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See your software architecture clearly

Software architecture can be abstract, and architects spend a lot of time tracking and communicating the current state with other stakeholders. Sigrid offers a shared, objective view of your system architecture that you can use to support this communication and have more thoughtful discussions.

Software architecture that aligns with your business

Making informed decisions on large IT improvements is crucial. Prioritizing and quantifying efforts are easily streamlined with the right enterprise architecture application. Determine the optimal improvement scenario for systems based on factual data and business context.

Support your modernization roadmap

Software architecture is constantly evolving along with technology and business. Modernization is not a one-off activity, but a constant process. Sigrid helps you prioritize these activities and their technical ROI, which can be used to improve your modernization roadmap.


Sigrid® | Software Architecture at a glance

Learn how Sigrid® can illuminate opportunities and hidden risks in your application landscape – and give you actionable insight to cut costs, tackle security threats, and bring high-quality applications to market faster. Cut the noise in discussions with stakeholders and clearly show the ROI of your architecture efforts.