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Sigrid for Progress Software

Extend the Lifecycle and Security of OpenEdge Applications.

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Lower maintenance costs

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Application modernization and Security Management

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Sigrid for OpenEdge


Automated Guidance for OpenEdge®

Progress Software partners with Software Improvement Group to help ensure the long-term maintainability and modernization of business-critical applications built on the Progress® OpenEdge® platform. This collaboration provides OpenEdge customers and partners with automated guidance using Sigrid®, our software assurance platform, on areas to focus on when addressing technical debt, enhancing security, and modernizing applications. This partnership is exclusively for OpenEdge Platform users who will directly benefit from Sigrid's unique capabilities of analyzing over 300+ different types of technologies and intelligently ranking your software capabilities against the world's largest software analytically database made up of over 18,000 systems and in excess of 200 billion lines of code.

A Comprehesive Approach to Enhancing Your OpenEdge Applications

Proactively address build quality and security

WEBINAR: Oct 3rd 11 am ET / 4 pm GMT

In this webinar, we will discuss the path to future-proof your OpenEdge technology investments and help you address security vulnerability risks and critical technical debt. You’ll leave this session understanding how to adopt a more secure, efficient and future-fit software.

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Guided Modernization

Continuously assess your business-critical OpenEdge application and make data-driven enhancements.

Enhance Security

Proactively address potential vulnerabilities and protect the business from ever-evolving cyber security threats.

Reduce Technical Debt

Proactively address code quality using an ROI-based approach to optimize maintenance efforts and lower costs.

Holistic Overview

Measure the build and architecture quality of all your OpenEdge applications and build healthy, future-fit software that supports the business of tomorrow

Better Communication

Aligns business owners, development teams and others around a single source of truth and measurable shared goals. Together improve application outcomes and make smarter technology investments.

Full Transparency

Enhance application resilience through comprehensive application management, addressing code quality, maintainability, security and architecture.

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