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Ravish Gopal

Delivery Director, EMEA & APAC

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Ravish Gopal

Ravish Gopal is a Delivery Director at Software Improvement Group, where he leads the company's consultancy practice for EMEA & APAC. In Copenhagen and Stockholm, he is actively building a team of both Technical and Management consultants with deep software engineering knowledge and expertise to serve client organizations. While primarily focused on providing software quality insight and advice, his team also supports clients in making strategic IT decisions and helping with vendor management.

With more than 10 years of experience in software engineering, Ravish has the ability to comfortably navigate from "bit to boardroom," depending on the client's needs. Moreover, having worked extensively throughout Europe and other parts of the world, Ravish has developed cross-cultural expertise, as well as knowledge of software engineering practices around the globe.

Currently, Ravish is developing digital transformation expertise and is involved in large-scale transformation initiatives. His mission is to guide organizations towards improvement and control of software practices, so that they can leverage their IT in reaching their business goals.

Ravish holds a master’s degree in software engineering from the University of Amsterdam as well as Professional Scrum Master and SAFe Program Consultant certifications.