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Sigrid for Siemens Xcelerator

A powerful add-on to provide fast track for cybersecurity compliance for Siemens Xcelerator.

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Fast track for software security

Best in class

vulnerability scanning

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Seamless integration with Polarion


Cyber Security compliance for embedded code

Security breaches in embedded software in cars, airplanes and satellites can have disastrous consequences. Early detection and continuous monitoring of the software is crucial to mitigate these risks. With Sigrid for Siemens Xcelerator, businesses have the possibility to act swiftly on existing and emerging quality and security regulations.

The SIG and Siemens cybersecurity compliance solution provides powerful new capabilities, automatic SBOM generation and best-in-class vulnerability scanning, prioritization and guidance for their own code, and allows clients to create tomorrow’s cars today.

Secure your entire software portfolio in three steps:

1. SCAN the code for vulnerabilities with an overview of your entire IT landscape
2. RANK for compliance to specific and industry standards
3. RECOMMEND for risk mitigation and get actionable advice with its unique fact-based analysis


Best-in-class vulnerability scanning

Get powerful new capabilities, automatic SBOM generation and best-in-class vulnerability scanning, prioritization and guidance for your own code.

Seamless integration with Polarion

Sigrid provides seamless integration with Polarion so clients can streamline their cybersecurity compliance process and manage their own and third-party software directly in their ALM/PLM environment.

Highlighting key software risks

The platform highlights several key software risks, such as Open Source Health (Software Composition Analysis), Software Bill of Materials and embedded cybersecurity code scanning

Compliance with cybersecurity standards

Sigrid for Siemens Xcelerator supports standards including MISRA-C, AUTOSAR, ISO 21434 and ISO 25010 for software build quality.

ACTIONABLE ADVICE with its unique risk-based analysis

This analysis originates from a large benchmark of software weaknesses and consequences. It rates the probability and exploitability of findings within the business context.

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