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Software as a critical success factor for M&A

Eurowag is a Mobility and Financial Services provider for the Commercial Road Transportation industry. The company focuses on technological solutions to simplify the lives of commercial road transport companies. With 18 offices across Europe and the Middle East, Eurowag serves 11,000+ customers and services a portfolio of more than 100,000 active trucks. Since its inception, Eurowag has acquired various companies with vastly different, yet complementary, technologies.

The Challenge

  • Operating in an ever-changing market 
  • Software is highly complex, yet key in successful introduction of new products or features
  • Obtaining sound insight into a target’s technology, the most difficult aspect to evaluate in the acquisition process

The SIG Solution

  • Evaluation of the maintainability, security, open source dependencies, and scalability of the target’s software
  • Monitoring the quality of software on an ongoing basis in the post-merger integration process
  • Real-time insight for software engineers provided by the Sigrid software assurance platform
  • Formal evaluation with management every three months to review the current state of the application(s)

The Result

  • Ability to steer on facts as to whether an investment will support the business strategy
  • Deep insights to answer the question of “What is it that we’re buying?”
  • Understanding of any future investment needed to bring the target technology to top quality level
  • Clear view on the improvements of the indicators to be able to withdraw funds if needed 
  • Smooth technical integration between the two companies

“We recommend that you continue to monitor the quality of the software on an ongoing basis, even in the post-merger integration process, to ensure you’re integrated into their processes and to ensure that they will have a well structured and well maintainable code base.”

– Giles Shrimpton, Managing Director Automotive at Eurowag