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Software Improvement Group honors ConocoPhillips, OTE Group, Topicus, and Alliander for software excellence

25 June 2021

Software Improvement Group honors ConocoPhillips, OTE Group, Topicus, and Alliander for software excellence

Amsterdam, June 25, 2021 – Software Improvement Group (SIG), the independent global authority on software assurance, has announced the winners of its third annual client awards recognizing the exceptional leadership, vision, and results demonstrated by organizations in gaining control over the build quality, reliability, and security of their application landscapes.

The winners were announced during the 2021 SIG Symposium, where visionary thinkers and digital leaders came together virtually to discuss swift digital transformation on the strength of healthy software.

SIG presented ConocoPhillips, OTE Group, Topicus, and Alliander with awards in four categories:

Industry Pioneer 2021
Winner: ConocoPhillips

The Industry Pioneer award is presented to the client with the most integrated software quality application, thereby serving as an example for its industry.

ConocoPhillips is one of the world’s largest independent Exploration & Production companies. To increase its development capacity and speed up time to market, the company has embraced low-code/no-code technology, selecting the Mendix low-code platform with the embedded Application Quality Monitor (AQM) from SIG. This combination has allowed ConocoPhillips to roll out citizen development and implement a governance model to prevent applications of inferior quality from being put into production. This governance model continues to maintain the team’s software development velocity and keep the associated costs under control.

Master of Software Health 2021
Winner: OTE Group

The Master of Software Health award is presented to the client which has implemented a structure across its organization facilitating high-quality source code development and cultivating awareness around the health of its applications.

OTE Group is the largest telecommunications provider in Greece. The company has implemented a structure to create and transition to a culture of software quality among both in-house development teams and external vendors. Leveraging the expertise from the consultants at Code4Thought, a member of SIG, OTE Group has taken the initiative to monitor the quality and security of core and customer-facing applications; put into action a continuous plan for code improvement and refactoring; and onboard new teams and vendors on an established, unified quality software lifecycle. As a result of this approach to excellence, OTE Group has demonstrated impressive results to ensure future-poof applications and enhanced customer experiences.

Legacy Modernizer 2021
Winner: Topicus

The Legacy Modernizer award is presented to the client which has exhibited exceptional software modernization efforts.

Topicus is a leading pan-European provider of vertical market software and vertical market platforms for both the public and private sectors. The Topicus Finance division has been working with focus on delivering value towards its customers, while transforming its mortgage flagship system into a microservices-based architecture. The team has taken a fact-based, risk-managed approach, turning to SIG for thorough architecture analyses, ongoing quality and vulnerability monitoring, and coaching and sparring sessions for architects and developers, ensuring efficient progress to a foundation for future product innovation.

Future Champion of Software Health 2021
Winner: Alliander

The Future Champion of Software Health award is presented to the client who has shown great ambition in implementing a structure across its organization to facilitate clean code development and cultivate awareness around the health of its applications.

Alliander delivers innovative solutions to complex energy issues, future-proofing the energy grid of the Netherlands. In line with this mission, the company has set out to apply the same high-quality standards to its IT systems as those already in place for its energy networks. As a first step in this software assurance journey, Alliander has onboarded Sigrid, the SIG software assurance platform, to obtain a comprehensive and objective overview of its entire software landscape, which includes a quality score for each individual system. By mapping the system quality score directly to business goals, the company can make strategic decisions going forward to define a roadmap for secure, sustainable, future-proof software.

Clarinda Dobbelaar, Chief Customer Officer, SIG: “This year’s award winners had not only a clear vision on how software health can drive business results, but also demonstrated exceptional commitment to creating a culture of software quality internally as well as with external vendors. We are inspired by the individuals and teams at ConocoPhillips, OTE Group, Topicus, and Alliander for their spirit of collaboration and innovation and honored by their decision to leverage SIG software assurance solutions for better business outcomes.”

About SIG
Software Improvement Group (SIG) helps organizations trust the technology they depend on. We combine our intelligent technology with our human expertise to dig deep into the build quality of enterprise software and architecture – measuring, monitoring, and benchmarking it against the world’s largest software analysis database.

The SIG software analysis laboratory is the only one in the world accredited according to ISO/IEC 17025 for software quality analysis. Founded in 2000, SIG is headquartered in Amsterdam, with offices in New York, Copenhagen, Antwerp and Frankfurt.

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