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Sigrid®: Your Single Source of Truth for Software Excellence

Sigrid reveals hidden risks and empowers you with actionable insights to optimize your software applications.
Translate business goals into technical requirements at a glance.

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Understand your software. Make informed business decisions.

Reach your organization's objectives by improving software applications and translating business goals into technical requirements through Sigrid, the all-in-one platform for in-depth software quality analysis.

  • check iconGain fact-based insight into your tech stack to drive strategic business decisions and measurable ROI
  • check iconGet prioritized recommendations to optimize your software, based on industry benchmark
  • check iconShare a common language and understanding, from C-level to developers
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Sigrid® | One platform to manage your entire software landscape

Dive into clear, actionable insights about your software applications and landscape. Sigrid helps your teams understand risks, cut costs, and improve quality, making software management easier for everyone.

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Get the Real Picture of Your Software Quality

Sigrid thoroughly analyzes your enterprise's source code to provide actionable insights on software quality. Equip your team with the necessary tools to monitor and improve your software applications, ensuring full alignment with your strategic business goals.

Secure your whole application landscape

Methodically resolve risks while safeguarding your organizational integrity. Ensure your entire IT portfolio is free from vulnerabilities.

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Real-time view of every quality aspect

Keep development velocity high and prevent the technical debt snowball, by giving software development teams instant insight into the quality and maintainability of the applications they’re building.

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Say bye to technical debt via actionable improvements.

Sigrid scans, ranks, and recommends actionable improvements based on the highest risks and impact on your business. Mitigate risks, and reduce technical debt across your application landscape.

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Choose the right modernization scenarios, based on the best ROI

Create scenarios based on the actual architecture, prioritize them based on the best ROI, and secure optimal build quality by creating guidelines and objectives to stimulate collaboration between teams, from developers to C-level.

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SIG Consultancy, your strategy partner who provides actionable advisory and guidance

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    Go above and beyond fundamental capabilities

    Standing on Sigrid's shoulders, we strengthen our advise by examining broader aspects of software functionality.

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    Personalized analysis, metrics, and strategy based on the state of your business

    We dive into source code and translate findings into a board-ready report.

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    Interpret technical findings into business insights

    Because no two businesses are the same, we consider your context and tailor your advice to suit you.

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faster in implementing improvements or issue solving

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Sigrid | Landscape scan

Reality check of your landscape and actionable recommendations

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Software Risk Assessment

We get to the root cause of complex IT issues and provide you with practical strategies for improvement. Our fact-based analysis goes from bit to boardroom, from build quality to security.

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Acquiring & Selling Companies

Invest and sell confidently: Buy right and sell better with SIG

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Get Sample Report of Sigrid in 2 Easy Steps

Included in the report:

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    Overview of all capabilities' performance

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    Current status of Architecture Quality

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    Scoring against the world's largest software benchmark

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