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GROW Labs announces partnership with Software Improvement Group

05 July 2018

Amsterdam, June 27th, 2018

GROW Labs intend to increase scalability and maintainability within the IT industry, and therefore to empower tech innovation. Thanks to due diligence investigations when onboarding development agencies, and partnerships with experts in software quality, the B2B platform secured smooth working flows for companies looking to outsource their IT projects without compromising on quality.

“I am thrilled to see great partners as SIG and Escrow Alliance joining forces with GROW Labs to push innovation forward, and to provide our clients future-proof solutions for their development challenges,” says David Dwinger, CEO and co-founder of GROW Labs. These collaborations will provide the Amsterdam native platform with the necessary tools to guarantee the highest quality standards to clients and partners regarding IT deliveries.

GROW Labs and Escrow Alliance

As a neutral third party, referred to as the “trusted third party,” Escrow Alliance supplies software protection through the Escrow technology. Under the collaboration with GROW Labs, Escrow Alliance will play an essential role and scan each component of the delivered code to ensure its integrity and completeness. “We are excited to team up with GROW Labs and to challenge the status quo by creating new norms when it comes to software integrity and completeness”, said Sander Remans, Managing Director of Escrow Alliance. This verification process run by Escrow Alliance ensures that the code is available for continued development and deployment in any environment.

Additionally, Escrow Alliance will be responsible for the smooth delivery of each milestone to GROW Labs clients and therefore ensures software continuity for GROW Labs and its partners.

GROW Labs and Software Improvement Group (SIG)

All software delivered through the GROW Labs platform will be checked against 10 code quality standards developed by Software Improvement Group (SIG). As the authority in software quality, SIG provides technology, training, and advisory services to IT professionals and leaders spanning industries worldwide.

Better Code Hub is a SIG product that checks code for compliance with these 10 guidelines. Better Code Hub will be used to evaluate the quality of all software built for clients of GROW Labs, and the results of these checks will be made available to both developers and their clients.

“By providing clear insight into the quality of delivered code, clients on the GROW Labs platform can be confident that the software they buy is well built, understandable, and adaptable to future needs,” says Joost Visser, CTO of SIG. “Together with GROW Labs, we want to increase not only the number but also the quality level of IT professionals available to the organisations that need them.”

About GROW Labs

Founded in 2017, GROW Labs is a B2B platform aiming to improve and to remodel IT outsourcing, bringing a practical solution to tech shortage. The Amsterdam based platform connects scale-ups, startups and corporations to A-level software units and developers across the globe, enabling them to kickstart any business project quickly, ensuring A-level end products.

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About SIG

Software Improvement Group (SIG) gives technology leaders the visibility they need to address current software problems and prevent future ones from happening. Drawing on proprietary methods and decades of expertise, SIG helps organisations fundamentally improve the security and maintainability of the enterprise applications that support every aspect of their businesses.
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About Escrow Alliance: Escrow Solutions for Software, Source Code and Technology

Technology Escrow Solution by Escrow Alliance ensures that the intellectual property of the supplier and the end user is guaranteed. Access to the materials is only given under specific conditions. Besides, content and documents are verified and stored in a secure physical location.

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