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Software Improvement Group Releases its 2023 Benchmark Report on the Global State of Software Quality

29 June 2023

The annual report leverages data collected from 100 billion lines of code and 12,000 system inspections encompassing more than 300 technologies.

NEW YORK and AMSTERDAM, June 29, 2023 Software Improvement Group (SIG), a renowned independent institute specializing in software health analysis, today announced the release of its fifth annual Software Benchmark Report. SIG combines its proprietary tools and benchmark data with its consultants’ expertise to help organizations create tomorrow with future-fit software.

SIG has the world’s largest software metrics database, which aggregates an impressive 100 billion lines of code and 12,000 system inspections encompassing more than 300 technologies, SIG thoroughly examines the build quality, reliability, and security of software. By analyzing the global impact of software on businesses, these evaluations stand as a testament to SIG’s unwavering dedication to creating a healthier digital world.

This year’s report identifies three critical areas of concern:

  1. AI and big data systems suffer from poor coding practices: With the widespread adoption of Artificial Intelligence and big data in various systems, SIG has observed a prevalent issue of severe quality deficiencies in maintainability and testability.
  2. Open source software poses security vulnerabilities: The report finds that more than 50% of enterprise software systems are vulnerable due to security issues stemming from open source libraries. This includes critical business systems, highlighting the need for enhanced security measures and more expeditious resolution.
  3. Skill gap among IT professionals: Thousands of IT professionals have been evaluated globally through Astride by EXIN, SIG’s free competency assessment tool. The result of these evaluations indicate a 50-60% skill gap in digital skills, demonstrating a need for upskilling in the tech industry.

Bart Fehmers, CEO of SIG, emphasizes the urgent need for organizations to address these identified areas of concern. He states, “While there have been improvements in software build quality, this year’s benchmark report sheds light on several critical areas that organizations must address promptly. At SIG, we leverage our software assurance platform, Sigrid®, to assist clients in identifying and mitigating these threats and implementing practices that enhance the quality and security of their applications, uniting everyone from bit-to-boardroom with one source of truth.”

For more detailed information and insights, please visit the full report.