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Software Improvement Group reports record growth second year in a row

09 March 2023

Software Improvement Group reports record growth
second year in a row

SIG all set for accelerating international growth with new leadership and innovations.

March 9, 2023, AMSTERDAM – NEW YORK — Software Improvement Group (SIG), an Amsterdam-based technology and IT services institute, again recorded double-digit growth for 2022. While the American government and European Union are preparing regulations to get more control over software quality and cybersecurity, governments and corporations remain highly pressured to develop healthy and secure software. Maintaining competitive Go to Market timelines and being well-prepared for global cyber threats is simultaneously challenging. To support clients across the globe with this challenge, SIG announces new additions to the senior leadership team and several innovations.

Robert Pijselman, Chairman of the board: “For SIG to realize its mission, getting software right for a healthier digital world, growth on a global scale is key. We are excited to announce that Bart Fehmers has joined SIG as its CEO. Bart brings with 30 years of experience working at IBM significant international experience, a background in both software and services, an intrinsic interest in the field, and a proven track record in working with clients in large and mid-sized companies, as well as public organizations.”

Bart Fehmers: “I’ve come to know SIG as a wonderful institute, full of highly skilled colleagues, each with a true passion for software engineering, who have been creating extraordinary value for their customers for more than 20 years. I am impressed by the way customers value Sigrid, SIG’s software assurance platform, and experience ‘Software with a Service’, a concept coined by SIG. With Sigrid, and our strong history in software engineering, SIG has laid an excellent foundation for acceleration, and I am excited to help SIG further accelerate growth and expand the already significant global footprint.”

While pressure of American and European governments on software security and quality is increasing, SIG continues to introduce solutions to allow IT vendors, corporate clients, and governments to get a grip on their technology risks. In 2022, SIG released an extensive architecture quality module allowing companies to see, understand, and improve their architecture. This unique component of Sigrid® is already used by hundreds of blue-chip customers in virtually every industry in over 150 countries.

The global OEM partnership with Siemens Polarion, and the release of Mendix Quality & Security Management (QSM) is the start of SIG’s expansion of its strategic partner network. SIG is on the verge of announcing further partnerships with leading technology and consulting firms globally.

The Sigrid platform and the unique knowledge of the SIG consulting team combined help our customers get a grip on their technology risks and challenges so they can trust that their underlying digital ecosystem is safe, reliable, and secure. SIG is yet one step closer to realizing its mission to get software right for a healthier digital world, enabling businesses to focus on creating tomorrow with future-fit software.

About SIG

Software Improvement Group (SIG) helps organizations trust the technology they depend on. We combine our technology with our human expertise to dig deep into the build quality and security of enterprise software and its architecture. Scanning, ranking, and recommending our clients’ software landscapes against the world’s largest software analysis benchmark database in order to help them to get a grip on their technology risks and challenges.

The SIG software analysis laboratory is the first and largest one in the world accredited according to ISO/IEC 17025 for software quality analysis. Founded in 2000, SIG is headquartered in Amsterdam and New York, with offices in Denmark, Belgium, DACH, India, China, Japan and Brazil and has clients in all industries in more than 150 countries and on all continents. With the acquisition of EXIN in 2021, SIG covers the entire People, Process and Technology spectrum to help organizations get software right for a healthier digital world.

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