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SIG Quality Model 2018 now available

29 May 2018

In its mission of ‘Getting Software Right, SIG offers measurement and management consultancy services based on standardised, repeatable IT quality measurements that are based on the ISO/IEC 25010 standard for software product quality. In order to assess software quality, SIG developed a model to measure maintainability objectively. The SIG/TÜViT Evaluation Criteria for the quality mark TÜViT Trusted Product Maintainability are intended for the standardized evaluation and certification of the technical quality of the source code of software products.

The scores in this model are based on a comparison with other systems that are in the extensive SIG benchmark – which contains data that has been collected for over 18 years. An SIG quality assessment not only scores the systems of clients on software quality, but also tells them how they are doing compared to others in the market which could be a competitive advantage.

The IT industry is constantly evolving and improving, which is why SIG performs a recalibration of this model every year. “We are proud and honoured that this year, again, both the 2018 version of the model and the SIG’s software quality evaluation laboratory were accredited according to ISO/IEC 17025 by the German TÜViT quality institute”, says Erik Oltmans, CEO of SIG.

More information about this model and the evaluation criteria can be found here.